The Mall Road

Constructed during British colonial rule is a popular and glazy street in Shimla. It is one of the major attractions for tourists. It is located a level  below the ridge .The Mall Road – is heart of Shimla, and best way to explore the awesome place is to just walk across the road and hitch at any place you want. You can eat, laugh, shop and enjoy! It is a hub of activities that tourists can enjoy. The Mall Road Street has many popular hotels, food hubs, chaat corners, Showrooms etc. Horse riding is a popularly enjoyed activity here. You can hop on the horse and ride across the road to enjoy the various pretty sights! Another reason why this is one of the best places to go is that no vehicles are not allowed on the Mall road; making it pollution free. The Historic Structures like Gaiety Theater, Town Hall, Christ Church, and Public Library are all on the Mall Road. You can particularly buy wooden articles, handicrafts; popular in Mall Road. All major colonial structures are located on the The fascinating mall road: Shimla. The sight of the Church in Shimla can be seen from the mall road. The Mall road has a series of shops with a variety of woolen clothes, handicraft items, pottery items, jewelry, antiques, hats etc. You can also find some fantastic antique and furniture articles, wall hangings on The Mall Road. You can reach the Mall road by walking, or you can  even taxi to The Mall road.   Some awesome ‘Not to miss points’ on fascinating mall road: Shimla

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