Gulmarg Golf Course

The Mughal Emperor Jahangir while reaching the Kashmir valley has rightly said that “If there is heaven on Earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.” If quote has be rephrased in present era it would be very apt to put it like. ” If There is Golfing Paradise on earth, It is this, It is this, it is this.”

Kashmir is a state blessed by diverse natural splendors, spectacular landscapes and distinctive seasons, each more extravagantly beautiful than the other which has all long been a great attraction for tourists worldwide preferred destination in all compinets. We have the second oldest golf course in the country as well as highest green golf course in world. At present, Kashmir can boast of having one of the best golf courses in Asia – the Royal Spring Golf Course as well as the second oldest golf courses in the country i.e The Kashmir and the highest green golf course in the world.

Which is Gulmarg golf course. In addition to this, The Pahalgam golf Course has been commissioned and received international attention while the Golf course at Jammu has been added to this golfing circuit


Gulmarg is situated nearly 52 Kms from Srinagar and is the highest green golf course in the world. the historical Gulmarg Golf Course was opened in 1911 by the British. The origin of Gulmarg Golf Club goes back to the late 19th Century when a six hole Course was made by Colonel Nevill Chamberlain. The first Golf Championship was played at Gulmarg in 1922 and since then it has been nearly 100 years of the tournaments of both amateurs and professionals.

Gulmarg with its ratified atmosphere at 2650 mtrs is natural all the way. the Gulmarg Golf Course was redesigned and inaugurated in 2011. this Golf course is carved within a meadow and has at least 16 different species of wild flowers that grow with the colorful lapins . The 18 hole Course is a stern test for golfers if played from Championship tees with a distance of 6858 meters and golfers can play from the regular tees and have a unique experience of playing at the highest green golf course in the world. The Club facilities with all amenities are also available. The greens have been designed to merge into the natural landscape with undulations and colours merging with the surrounding areas. The grass on the greens is creeping bent. imported from the United States. It is one of the finest summer golfing destinations in the world.

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