Scandal Point

The Scandal Point in Shimla, as the name suggests, is one of the most talked about attractions of this hill station. The titillating title surely piques one’s interest, and the gripping story behind it does justice to the intrigue created. Shimla is one of the most scenic hill stations of the north and is renowned for being the perfect destination that packs it all- unparalleled natural beauty, exciting adventure as well as complete spiritual and inner relaxation. The Scandal Point is one such attraction in Shimla whose enthralling scenic beauty stands as a testimony to the city’s stellar reputation.

Scandal Point rests on the intersection of the city’s most roads- Ridge Road and Mall Road. This point is a mountain lover’s haven because it enjoys a picturesque and unobstructed view of gigantic mountains covered in a blanket of dense fir and spruce. On this intersection, there also lies a statue of our revered freedom fighter- Sri Lala Lajpat Raiji. Scandal Point is a year-round magnet where people come to relax and rejuvenate amidst the view of the soaring mountains. One can opt for a horse ride at this point, enjoy some hill station Maggi and play some arcade games in the small shops that surround this point.

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