Snow Leopard Trek

Hemis National Park is one of the top winter trek destinations in Himalayas, situated in eastern ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is known exclusively for snow leopard, that are found here in-abundance. This region has the highest density of Snow Leopards in India.

The park is also home to a lot of other wildlife like Ibex, Tibetan Antelope, Blue Sheep, Shapo, Marmot and Tibetan Hare. Some of these species are endangered including snow leopard. So, the Government of India has declared Nemis national Park as protected area.

Hemis National Park covers an area of about 4400 square kilometer, which also makes it one of the largest national parks in south Asia.

The others places of interest include a visit to gompas and chortens –earlier place of learning and meditation place for Buddhist monk. It does also have a 400 year old Buddhist monastery and considered as one of the holiest places for Buddhist monk.


Going on a snow Leopard trekking in Ladakh is thrilling and exciting. It is full of challenges and surprises. This trip gives you the insight of Trans Himalayas region and its popular Rumbak valley. The grey Ghost is master of disguise, People from all around the world visit these Himalayan Mountain in search of this mystic and majestic animal, some found success in spotting this magnificent animal but other return with disappointment.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Snow Leopard trek is between November and March, when the winters in Ladakh is chilling and snow all over the place. January is coldest month in this region.

During this period days are sunny with frozen winds flowing all around the valley, but in night it’s freezing cool with the temperature generally recorded is below freezing point throughout the period.

Average day Temperature range is between –25°C to +6°C, whereas that of night is -10°C to – 25°C.


Get a glimpse of magnificent and beautiful Snow Leopard along with other rare exotic species like Blue Sheep, Wild Horse etc.

Enjoy the Trans Himalayan region and valley

acquaintance with the Ancient Buddhist kingdom

Get a peek into animal world

Experience the culture of Tibetan hospitality and Tradition.

Get yourself surrounded by lovely chilling atmosphere, rich in flora and fauna.

Get an experience of trekking, climbing and scouring through one of the world’s highest passes

Things To Carry

Wardrobe essentials like woolen and fleece clothes, synthetic or waterproof track pants, rain-proof jackets, sunglasses, waterproof gloves, wind-proof jackets, thermal innerwear

A sturdy backpack with a plastic or water-proof lining

High-ankle trekking shoes with good grip, trekking pole or stick

Moisturizers, chap sticks

Torch, water bottle, extra polythene bags for wet clothes and a whistle.

How to Reach

Flying is the only option to reach Ladakh between the months of November and March. Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport is the main airport in Leh City. It has a number of flights that connect Leh with Delhi as well as with few major cities of India.

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